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    Welcome! This is the official website for the Undergraduate Psychology Association & Psi Chi at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We are a registered student organization that is open to anyone interested in the field of psychology.

    Why join UPA?

    The Undergraduate Psychology Association is dedicated to providing students interested in the field of psychology with an opportunity to further their knowledge in the subject by joining discussions on interesting finds and movements across various psychology concentrations, led by accomplished faculty and industry professionals. Students can connect with like-minded individuals to build both social and professional networks alongside gaining exposure to on-campus research and summer intern opportunities.


    Click on this application to apply to be a member!

    Fall 2020 Application

    We are also a chapter of Psi Chi !

    Becoming an inducted member of Psi Chi entitles you to receive recognition for academic excellence in the field of psychology. Members are eligible to receive research grants and access to psychology journals and publications; they also possess the opportunity to attend both national and international conventions alongside forming professional connections with other Psi Chi members.


    To learn more about opportunities through Psi Chi, visit:

  • Executive Board

    Meet our team!

    Allison Nichols



    Clinical Psychology

    Brianna Kehoe

    Vice President


    I/O Psychology

    Kaidi Hu

    PR Chair


    I/O Psychology

    Eddie Caumiant

    Volunteer Chair


    Clinical Psychology

    Deirdre Stone



    Clinical Psychology

    Kaite Moreno

    Tutoring Chair


    Psychology (undecided)

    Anna Wach

    Social Chair


    Intradisciplinary Psychology

    Becca Kim



    I/O Psychology

    Ely Taylor

    Seminar Chair


    I/O Psychology

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    Take a look at the events that we've prepared for you this semester!

    Weekly Meeting Recap:

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    Upcoming Events 


  • Opportunities

    Check out our volunteer, tutoring and other research opportunities!


    last updated 3/11/2020


    Wesley Evening Food Pantry

    - Location: 1203 W Green Street

    - Shifts available on Mondays & Thursdays

    - Must sign up ahead of time with following link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040445adad229-volunteer13


    Phoenix Drop-In Center

    - Spend time with friends without addresses

    - Location: 34 E Green Street

    -Openings on Wednesdays & Thursdays; no more than 4 students at a time

    - Open from noon until 5:00 PM

    - Come when and if you can; no sign-up needed!


    Illini Lights Out!

    - If interested, can sign-up ahead of time with this form (also shows other dates).

    - Next event will be this Friday, March 6th!




    Are you interested in tutoring for Psychology courses?


    Fill out the form below at any point during the semester, and we will match you with a student who needs a tutor.


    Tutoring form:



    If you're interested in finding a tutor or looking for study buddies, please fill out the above form, and contact Jigeesha Ghosh (Tutoring Chair) at psichi.uiuc@gmail.com for more details or inquiries.


    Research Opportunities


    Other Opportunities


  • UPA & Psi Chi Members ~ Fall 2020

    UPA and Psi Chi members can check this Excel sheet to see the points they earn during the semester!


    Excel Sheet:

    https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/425b2910-02dc-4474-8e81-d10fe8006f8b/UPA_Psi Chi Members List.xlsx?id=255610



  • Points System

    UPA's goal is to give membership an incentive through a point system, which members must complete a certain number of tasks or attain a pre-defined number of points to maintain membership.

    ~ FALL 2020 Points System ~

    • ​Zoom bi-weekly meetings - 10 points
    • Zoom study sessions - 10 points
    • Zoom tutoring sessions - 10 points
    • Fundraising events - 10 points
    • Bi-weekly discussions - 10 points
    • Members should try to attain a minimum of 50 points per semester.


  • Contact

    Psychology Department

    603 E. Daniel St Champaign, IL 61820